Festival of 8 September

Festival of 8 September

Procession along the town streets Dedicated to the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary, worshipped at the Sanctuary of Fiorano

Over time, the Sanctuary became an important centre of pilgrimage, culminating on the Festival of the 8 September, the patron saint’s festival remembering the birth of the Virgin Mary since 1639.

The three-hundred-year-old Festival of 8 September brings thousands of pilgrims to the town from 5 o’clock in the morning, when a spectacular fireworks display is held on the hill, visible across the entire plain.

There are numerous religious celebrations at the Sanctuary, where it is possible to walk up the votive offerings staircase above the altar to the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary dispensing grace to the pilgrims.

Stalls and stands offering traditional food welcome the many pilgrims.


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