The Virgin with Child
The miraculous fresco

The Virgin with Child

The Sanctuary houses the fifteenth century fresco of the Virgin with Child, traditionally believed to have come from the entrance portal of the ruined castle. Various miraculous events that saved the town of Fiorano from fires, attacks and plagues were attributed to the image, as testified by the numerous votive offerings collected over the centuries.

A penitent soldier kneels at the Virgin’s feet, as a reminder of the first “miracle of fire”, when the town was set ablaze by Spanish troops in 1558; on reaching the image of the Virgin Mary on the walls of the castle, the flames miraculously divided, leaving the fresco intact and the soldiers fleeing. This event marked the start of popular worship of the image, which increased following subsequent events from which the town of Fiorano emerged intact.

This worship is also expressed in the ancient Festival of 8 September, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of the Castle

The fresco is reached via two side staircases, the walls of which are covered with votive offerings.