The ceramic boards
Lost Views in Fiorano

The ceramic boards

1- Lost views in Fiorano


2- Il Borgo è appiè del colle (the town is at the bottom of the hill)


3 - A sàun ‘n eltra vàulta a Fiuren! (once again in Fiorano)

sviste l4.jpg

4 - It looked like an immense thicket at the time

SVISTE l3.jpg

5 - La Rosta, il Cerreto, Bugadella

svista lastra5.jpg

6 - ...there were those who built farm trucks, others who built furniture and chairs ....

sviste l6.jpg

7 - Only a cross would remain standing

SVISTE l7.jpg

8 - The Castle Town

SVISTE l8.jpg

9 - 1634-1989: from Sanctuary to Basilica

SVISTE l9.jpg

10 - The divine and romantic Fiorano

SVISTE l10.jpg

11- The Blessed Virgin of the Castle


12 - Thus, the ancient town came back to life


13 - A meeting place of the court nobility in the 1700s

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