The itinerary

Easy walk along the streets of the old town, slight hill.

The walk 'Lost Views in Fiorano' leads among the houses of the old town, known as “il Sasso”, with an itinerary on foot from the central piazza Ciro Menotti, via Vittorio Veneto (via Statale towards Maranello), up via del Santuario, turning left into via Brascaglia, which circles Fiorano hill, with the old town houses looking across it, then rises up towards the Sanctuary square near the Stone Cross.

Two tiles are positioned on the sides of the Basilica, one facing towards the plain and the other towards the hill, and there are also two tiles in the flowerbed garden at the entrance to the square, on the sides of the monumental steps.

The stunning view from the panoramic terrace behind the Sanctuary offers a chance to admire the breathtaking view of the foothills and the vast plain. On sunny days, it is possible to glimpse the tower of Modena Cathedral and the Alps.

After visiting the Basilica, go down the steps onto via del Santuario: a tile is positioned here at the intersection with via Bonincontro and the last tile of the itinerary is positioned at the foot of the steps in via Bonincontro.

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