Minicar racetrack

Minicar racetrack

The track, managed in recent years by the association Racing Mini Car Fiorano, is currently closed to the public (2023)

The Jody Scheckter trial and test track, suitable for regional, national and international races, is at Via Antica Cava, 2 angolo Via Canaletto, in Spezzano di Fiorano Modenese (Mo).

Structure with services and equipped area. Dimensions: average width 4.50 ml x length 294 ml (anti-clockwise driving direction).

Driving platform

10-metre long, 2.5-metre high platform with wide access ramp, complying with regulations.

Since 2011, there has been an electric stairlift for the disabled, providing safe and independent access to the driving platform.

Timing system

The track has three decoders, which operate 365 days a year: one for timing laps and two for indicating partial times. You can connect to the "MyLaps" website of Fiorano to view three partial times (the number of sectors into which the track is divided) and a complete lap.


Area of around 500 m2 paved entirely with limited-slip material; twenty-two stainless steel test benches, for up to 132 competitors. All the benches have 220v power and are lighted. They are covered with a single metal structure with awnings, in both the paddock and on the fencing, for protection in poor weather conditions. The model washing and blowing areas are in a single point, with containers for turning tyres. 


Stands have been built alongside the track to house around 300 spectators.

Electric stairlift for the disabled, providing safe and independent access to the driving platform.

Data transmission

Direct view of timing, for mechanics, Via two LCD 19" monitors underneath the driving platform. It is also possible to watch the race on the monitor in the bar. Five access points guarantee wi-fi coverage inside the facility and the car parks.

The connection is free and allows the laps to be viewed live - on MyLaps- on a PC, tablet and smartphone.

Free test drives and night-time races

The circuit has a lighting system with over 30 Kw power for evening and night-time races.

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