Parks and green areas

Historical park of Spezzano Castle
Address: Via Castello
Equipped picnic area

Parco XXV Aprile
Address: Via Santa Caterina
Operator: G.E.A.
Bar and refreshments stand
Road safety activity for children
Children’s play area
Basketball court

Parco delle Foibe
Address: Via Macchiavelli
Operator: G.E.A.
Dog walking area
Children’s play area
Inclusive game

Parco Roccavilla
Address: Via Tevere - Crociale
Operator: A.S.D. Junior Fiorano
Tel: +39 0536 920588 +39 0536 910050
Bar - refreshments stand
Children’s play area
Football pitch

San Rocco Park
Address: Via Nirano I° Tronco, 39 - Spezzano
Operator: G.S. Spezzano-Castelvetro
Tel: 0536 844564
Children’s play area

Ubersetto Park
Address: Via del Canaletto
Operator: Fiorano Modenese Town Council
Tel: +39 0536 833266

Villa Guastalla Park and cypress grove
Address: Via Dante Alighieri
private property
The large park surrounding Villa Vigarani-Guastalla is privately owned and can only be visited on agreement with the owners
The park has over 2000 plants and is an ecological area of exceptional botanical value.
The plant species present are almost all indigenous or species introduced and acclimatised in this particular area in terms of climate, exposure, position and soil.
Several are extremely rare botanical relics, such as the 'Quercus ilex' and the 'Quercus suber' (cork oak): it is the only existing specimen of this latter species in the entire Emilia Romagna region.
The cypress grove, with a statue at its centre, in the upper part of the park, is public property.

Villa Pace Park
Address: Via Marconi, 106
Operator: Fiorano Modenese Town Council
Tel: +39 0536 833266
The nineteenth century Villa Pace, in the centre of Fiorano Modenese, is surrounded by a large public park, with benches, tall trees, bushes and flower-beds.