Fiorano Fair and Palio race

Fiorano Fair and Palio race

The race between the four districts of Fiorano Modenese

The Fiorano Palio race is held at the end of July and representatives of the four local districts take part in this exuberant display: the Leoni (Lions) of Spezzano, the Gattoni (Big Cats) of Fiorano, the Lupi (Wolves) of Nirano and the Mastini (Bulldogs) of Ubersetto.

The fourth edition of the Fiorano Fair was held in 2018, two days of hard-fought games between the local people as they fight to win the Palio: tugs of war, sack races, capture the flag and timed races up to the Sanctuary, on various means of transport: bikes with a milk truck, a Graziella bike with an egg-holder, a heavy bike and a pedal 'chopper' bike and hands-free on a Becane 1978 motorbike.

The fair also includes the traditional supper in the square, with music and exhibitions by sports associations.


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