Food festivals

Nirano Food Festival

The Food Festival of San Lorenzo organised by the Parish of Nirano starts on 4 August and runs until 10 August, the patron saint’s day. In the evenings, after a community prayer, a supper is held on the steps of the church, with tortelloni pasta, gnocco pasties and tigelle crumpets; there is also music, with a lucky dip and cake sales. On Friday, at 6.15 in the evening, the traditional procession starts from the Mongigatto oratory on the hill and makes its way on foot to the Parish Church of San Lorenzo.

Ubersetto Food Festival

The Parish of Santa Maria Goretti of Ubersetto, in Fiorano Modenese, celebrates this festival after three days of preparatory prayer, on 3 July, the patron saint’s day. A traditional supper with borlenghi flatbreads, gnocco pasties and tigelle crumpets, accompanied by live music, bouncy castles for children and a lottery, at the ‘Marco Iseppi’ parish games field.

Spezzano Food Festival

The Spezzano Parish Food Festival is held from 31 May to 2 June, with a Mass at the Oratory of the Virgin, followed by a procession on foot from Spezzano Church to the Sanctuary of Fiorano and, in the evenings, food stalls with tortelli pasta, fried gnocco pasties, tigelle crumpets and music in the area around the church.

Fiorano Food Festival - Festival of 8 September