Villa Vigarani Guastalla

The country villa of the doge’s architect, Gaspare Vigarani

The villa was built in around 1659 and designed by the architect and scenic designer Gaspare Vigarani, as a residence for himself and his family.

After the death of the Vigarani family, the villa was purchased by the Malmusi family who, as they had to restore the building, altered the layout of its rooms and created a rich garden.

The villa was then purchased by the Milanese Finzi Guastalla family. They were Jewish, so the residence was seized in January 1944, following introduction of the racial laws. The villa was partially destroyed by bombings in 1945.

Claudio Sassi restored it in 1994 and it is now surrounded by a splendid historical park containing around 2000 plants, almost all indigenous or introduced and acclimatised species. It is an unusual ecological area of exceptional interest in terms of the vegetation and flowers present. There are several extremely rare botanical relics.

It is home to a valuable collection of artistic ceramic objects from the Sassuolo area. 

The villa is privately owned and not open to visitors.

Via Dante Alighieri, 18
41042 Fiorano Modenese (Mo)

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Non visitabile, di proprietà privata.

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