The Gallery of Battles
Detail of the Gallery of Battles

The Gallery of Battles

Decorated with the epic quests of Duke Alfonso I d’Este

The main staircase of the Castle opens onto the main floor in the wide Gallery of Battles, the walls of which are decorated with frescoes depicting major battles of the sixteenth century involving Alfonso I d'Este, the "gunner duke" and the leaders of the Pio family.

Battles on land and sea, shown in minute detail and depicting the clothes, the weapons and victuals of the noblemen, the armies and the servants. A large part of the frescoes has now been lost, but interesting details to admire and attract the attention of scholars remain.

The main floor houses the sixteenth century apartment of Pio di Savoia, where it is still possible to read the inscriptions mentioning Marco Pio on the beams of the original doors.