Fiorano, the town, the events

A storytelling blog - the ‘Festa Strozzata’

'Storytelling' tells the story of 8 September 1943 in Fiorano Modenese. "It is the festival of the Blessed Virgin of the Castle, during which thousands of people have walked up the hill to the Sanctuary for the past 300 years. However, the festival of 8 September also took on another meaning 75 years ago. It became an important date in the history of Italy and the Italians."

Not the Latest Guest

Not the Latest Guest - videos by guest directors and producers in Fiorano for the 2018 Ennesimo Film Festival

"Taking part in the festival was an incredible experience. It was all amazing, starting with the people ... Not to mention the food and the art venues we saw. We were immersed in the local culture. The whole community took part in the festival"