Spezzano Castle and the Museum of Ceramics

'Presenze' at the Castle

"Presenze" is an inquest into ghostly apparitions at Spezzano Castle, carried out by Il Sassolino magazine in 2008. Video by Luca Bedini and Marcello Bandierini.

Mini Exploration Blog describes a feature of the Room of Views

Feature of the Room of Views

From the Mini Exploration Blog - Spezzano Castle: "What is the link between the sixteenth century Room of Views in Spezzano and Pont'Ercole - Ponte del Diavolo in the Modenese Apennines? ... Ponte d’Ercole is a bridge that resembles a whale in the woods. "

A storytelling blog tells the story of Labour

"Labour is an oral history project on the ceramic industry, including a multimedia section in the Museum of Ceramics in Fiorano Modenese, four books and two documentaries."

Master design at the Museum of Ceramics of Fiorano

The story of the industrial ceramics district told through design, from the manufacturing history of artistic ceramics to tiles. Mass-produced everyday products, specialised craft and design products are on display at the Museum of Ceramics, created first by historical craft shops and then by the ceramic industries.

Room of Views - views of ‘States’ at Spezzano Castle

The "Room of Views, landscapes of States" in occasion of the 2015 Expo in Milan – Nourishing the planet. Energy for life. Food and biodiversity. "At the top of the hill, the ancient castle that is no longer there; at its foot, the old town. The fig trees for which Fiorano was famous are represented on the hill".

Body-painting performance in the Room of Views

Body-painting performance that merges and becomes confused with the sixteenth century frescoes of the Room of Views in Spezzano Castle. On 14 October 2018, performance art by Johannes Stoetter, world champion of mimic body painting.

Event sponsored by Ferro Spa on occasion of the "2018 European Cultural Heritage Year" – Energy in Emilia Romagna - the heritage of culture and humanity.