Old Town of Fiorano
Via del Santuario

Old Town of Fiorano

A stroll through the Lost Views of Fiorano

A visit to the old town of Fiorano starts at the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of Fiorano (Piazzale Giovanni Paolo II), where an outdoor archaeological area is visible, preserving the ruins of an underground room of the lost Fiorano Castle that once stood at the summit of the hill, destroyed in the seventeenth century in order to build the sanctuary. The ancient castle, a 12th century fort abandoned in 1510, is still visible in the sixteenth century frescoes in the Room of Views  of Spezzano Castle.

In the south corner of the square, the Stone Cross has been reconstructed. The original cross is traditionally believed to date to 1276, donated by the stonecutter Manfredino Ferrari to the lord of the castle, Egidio Pio. The cross was originally positioned in the porch of the parish church inside the ancient fort, but is now to be found in the area of the votive offerings of the Sanctuary.

The monument dedicated to Pope John Paul II is located in the round terrace of the square.

A pleasant stroll leads among the houses of the old town, known as “il Sasso”, along Via Brascaglia, which circles the hill, and Via Bonincontro da Fiorano, where there is a building that still preserves the windows decorated with fifteenth century terracotta tiles.

The stroll continues with the “Lost Views”,  13 large ceramic boards positioned on the walls of the old town, starting with the first in tile in piazza Ciro Menotti, the main square of Fiorano at the bottom of the hill.


Piazza Ciro Menotti, via Brascaglia, via del Santuario

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The monument is outdoors and can be visited all year round.

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